Barcode & Thermal Printers

Compuprint 6210

The Compuprint 6210 is a portable thermal printer that allows business to quickly print receipts and tickets in all environements. Using Compuprint 6210 users are able to print receipts, tickets, coupon and labels almost anywhere, directly from tablet PCs and other mobile devices.

Compuprint 6214

The Compuprint 6214 is a powerful desktop barcode label printer fully equipped with several user friendly interfaces. It offers users a durable, technologically advanced thermal printer with the design principles that have proven successful in previous thermal printers.

Compuprint 6314

The Compuprint 6314 is designed to address the desktop and light industrial marketplace with the performance and value required in these healthcare, light industrial, retail and shipping applications. The Compuprint 6314 is feature-rich printer built with a full metal structure, creating a desktop/light industrial performance printer at a value price.

Compuprint 6414

The Compuprint 6414 offers users a durable, technologically advanced thermal printer with the design principles that have proven successful in other CPG thermal printers. The small footprint makes the printer suitable for use when space is limited.

Compuprint 6414 Plus

The Compuprint 6414 Plus is designed to be so easy to use and maintain that anyone can feel the difference from the day they start using it. It’s exceptional All-in One and Simple to Operate features include the following features.

Compuprint 6416

The Compuprint 6416 is the high speed industrial thermal solution of Compuprint. With heavy-duty metal construction, proven reliability, and excellent media handling deliver optimum performance in the most demanding environments, as well as connectivity and application flexibility.

Microplex LogiJet T11

The Microplex LogiJet T11 is designed for manufacturing applications and breezes thru labels up to a full 11.8 inches wide at a speed of up to 5 inches per second.

Microplex LogiJet T4-2

Intelligent barcode generation within the LojiJet T4-2 controller, RIPs printable barcodes including generating start/stop commands and the associated check sum minimizes data traffic on your network.

Microplex LogiJet T6-2

Microplex’s LogiJet T6-2 is the only multi-mode thermal label LaserJet compatible printer that prints full speed directly from Microsoft Windows®, SAP/R3®, Oracle®, JD Edwards®, Peoplesoft®, Unix® and other applications without additional software.

Microplex LogiJet T8-3

Microplex’s LogiJet T8-3 combines the robust Print Engine with the reliable Microplex Controller to become a dignified replacement with impressive characteristics.