Impact Printers

Including Dot Matrix Printers, Serial Matrix Printers & Line Printers

Compuprint 10300

The Compuprint 10300 combines the performance and ruggedness of a line printer, while offering the paper flexibility and the superior print quality of a 24 pin serial matrix printer. It provides an excellent solution for mission critical printing needs, even in harsh working environments.

Compuprint 2056N

The Compuprint 2056N is ideal solution for printing in hospitals, hotels, retail stores, airport check in, banking, pharmaceutical or healthcare, education and public administrations and POS environments. It is a very economical printer and suitable for printing applications using multipart forms, single sheets, labels and envelopes.

Compuprint 3056/3056N

The Compuprint 3000 family is designed to be the ideal solution in Office and Industrial, logistics environments. Its robustness and reliability provide unmatched performance and flexibility to support a variety of forms and documents printing. A complete range of products ready for any environment including the LAN thanks to the integrated Ethernet board.

Compuprint 4247-L03

The Compuprint 4247-L03 is a low-cost alternative for supply chains, offices and retail stores with low- to mid-volume output requirements. The printer is exceptionally reliable and provides forms flexibility, support for wide-format printing.

Compuprint 4247-X03

With print speeds up to 800 cps, 18 pin print-head, the Compuprint 4247-X03 is designed for high output performance in demanding print environments -from the office to the warehouse- the Compuprint 4247-X03 industrial strength printer provides professional reliability at a cost of ownership that is surprisingly attractive.

Compuprint 4247-Z03

The model is the top of the product’s line, it prints up to 1.100 cps, and the 18 pin print-head with a life of 700 millions characters provides high reliability. With a strong and durable metal cover, the Compuprint 4247-Z03 is built to deliver outstanding performance in the most demanding and rigorous environments.

Compuprint 9050

The Compuprint 9000 family is designed to meet the most demanding requirements of today’s applications while offering unmatched performance in Windows and graphic printing environments. The ideal solution for mission critical requirements, with the full flexibility to support a variety of forms and documents.

Compuprint 9065

Compuprint 9065 adopts enhanced and improved electronic and Mechanical solutions to offer an unbeatable print performance level.

Compuprint 9080

Compuprint 9080 offers an unbeatable print performance level thanks to improved electronic and mechanical solutions.

Compuprint 9300

Compuprint 9300 adopts enhanced and improved electronic and mechanical solutions that move the real print performance to an unbeatable level.