Continuous Form Laser Printers

Microplex continuous form laser printers excel at high volume printing with minimal cost or maintenance.

Microplex Solid F155

Microplex F155

The Microplex Solid F155 pushes the envelope for speed, duty cycle and industrial production capabilities of a mid-range continuous form laser printer.

Microplex Solid F166 VS

The Solid F166 VS features both Flash Fusion and Variable Speed Print for versatility of print on various types of media at a PRICE that will SHOCK you!

Microplex Solid F32

The SOLID F32 Laser printer features all of the versatility and print quality of a laser printer, yet is offered at line printer pricing!

Microplex Solid F34

Microplex Solid F34

The Microplex Solid F34 is a versatile, easy-to-use continuous form laser printer. The F34 printer is a new generation print engine that offers a straight paper path for printing on a variety of different forms.

Microplex Solid F36C

Microplex F36c

A full Color, continuous form laser printer that allows you to produce very effective full Color laser printed output in-house giving you the control and versatility that you have been waiting for.

Microplex Solid F44

Microplex Solid F44

The Solid F44 is a versatile, easy-to-use, continuous form, monochrome, laser printer.

Microplex Solid F60

Microplex F60 1

The F60 Laser printer features Flash Fusion technology for all of your versatile media print needs. Also with a small footprint, to fit nicely into your production room environment.

Microplex Solid F60HD

Microplex F60A

The Microplex F60HD laser printer features Flash Fusion technology that is capable of printing high definition images on a wide variety of specialty medias due to the lower temperatures used.

Microplex Solid F64

Microplex F64

The Microplex Solid F64 printer is a new generation print engine that offers a small footprint and provides the user with flexible media management capabilities.