Zebra iMZ Series Printers – iMZ220 & iMZ320

Zebra Technologies iMZ

Zebra’s new iMZ220 and iMZ320 printers are there to support your 2-inch and 3-inch receipt-printing business needs.

The new iMZTM printers now support Bluetooth connectivity to Apple® iOS, as well as AndroidTM, Windows® Mobile and Blackberry® platforms.

In addition to supporting the most popular operating systems of today’s smartphones and tablets, the new iMZ printers’ Link-OSTM software solutions rapidly configure, monitor, and integrate Zebra printers with your system.

These unobtrusive printers can be worn comfortable for a full shift without interfering with the user’s tasks. Easy to operate, they are a great first step for users looking to replace pen-and-paper documentation, preprinted receipts, or unreliable mobile printers. Mobile workforces all over the world can benefit from the iMZ series’ compact convenience in business applications – and because it’s a Zebra, there’s no compromise on reliability.