Lexmark Laser Printers

Lexmark’s focus on cut sheet laser printers has pushed them to the top of the market. Push your productivity with these high volume printers that test the limits of laser printing quality. Whether your business needs a high volume of black and white prints or press quality color, we have a solution for you.

Combine the highest quality and fastest hardware with Lexmark’s comprehensive document management offerings:

Lexmark Distributed Intelligent Capture Extracts critical information from hardcopy documents, validates the extracted data and passes it to a data management system (DMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or financial management system. Enables end-user to process loan applications, prepare new account opening documents, fulfill customer orders, index documents, and perform other document intensive processes.

Lexmark Secure Content Monitor Provides visibility into paper documents that are printed, copied, scanned, e-mailed or faxed on a supported Lexmark device. Security or Information Assurance Officers can utilize the solution to either perform audits on user activity or to set up proactive Discovery Alerts that send notifications when search criteria are met. This helps to ensure that sensitive company data is only seen by authorized parties, preventing data leaks.

Lexmark Document Distributor A document-routing application that automates manual processes by giving users the ability to scan, fax, copy, print, e-mail, or archive from the push of a button. Integrates into an environment’s workflow by enabling job processes that can be initiated from a Lexmark MFP or from a user workstation.

Lexmark Testing and Grading A workflow solution that allows educators to print and grade ad hoc test bubble sheets and scan the completed tests to automatically score them. Testing results can be accessed in minutes along with a variety of reports to analyze student performance.

Lexmark Workgroup OCR A software solution that uses intelligent optical character recognition to read scanned documents and images with accuracy and format retention. The converted documents can be saved in multiple file formats (searchable PDF, CSV, rich text, TXT and HTML) and automatically routed to their destination, such as a network folder, ECM system, user’s home directory, or e-mail.

Lexmark Scan to Network Premium An embedded capture application that allows you to preview, enhance, and index images of scanned hardcopy documents and then route them to a shared network folder. Using the an MFP touch-screen, end users have the ability to create images and confirm their delivery directly from the MFP device.

Lexmark Scan to SharePoint Scan documents directly from a Lexmark MFP into Microsoft SharePoint® enterprise content management software, ensuring that each document is sent to its proper location.

Lexmark Scan to DocuWare Scan documents directly from a Lexmark MFP into a document management system. With real-time scanning, each document is sent to its proper location and with a live confirmation. The documents are archived and can be retrieved at any time.

The Lexmark App for Google Docs Provides integration with Google Docs to facilitate access to your important information. Scan documents from a Lexmark MFP and upload them directly into your Google Docs account or browse and print from Google Docs with a Lexmark MFP.

Lexmark Solution Composer Builds intelligently adapted workflow solutions in minutes—even if you don’t know anything about programming. Available for usage on any solutions-capable Lexmark MFP or mobile device when used with Lexmark Mobile Capture.

Lexmark Mobile Capture Designed for business customers, Lexmark Mobile Capture is an app for mobile devices that enables the capture of data, in the context of a business processes, using a smartphone or tablet. When combined with Lexmark Solution Composer, businesses can create their own custom data capture solutions enabling them to increase response times.

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