GaleWrap Leverage Oriented Film

Leverage your sales opportunities with the lightest, strongest hand-wrapping film available.

Discover how GaleWrap Leverage Oriented Film outperforms all other pre-stretched wraps on the market. Our patented film, made through a unique Inline Orientation Process (IOP), protects the integrity and condition of your pallets all the way to your customer and impacts savings all the way to your bottom line.

Put Leverage To Work For You

  • Super Strong – with a 60-70 gauge performance equivalent, Leverage rolls are 50% stronger than other pre-stretched films of equal weight.
  • Puncture Resistant – unique oriented molecules are cross-direction formed, providing exceptional puncture protection.
  • Incredibly Light – heavy rolls can cause injuries… a Leverage roll is significantly lighter than conventional 70-gauge film rolls.
  • No Wasted Film (or money!) – our 110% guarantee: you can use the entire roll to the core… a bonus for the environment and your bottom line.
  • Easy To Use – hemmed edges ease film separation from the next layer for a no-hassle start every time… no nicked edges.
  • Superior Holding Force – due to powerful post-wrap contraction
  • No Training Necessary – to get started, simply grab a roll and “tug & snug” on the corners… the film will do the rest!