GaleWrap GW-4100

Choose the Robot Pallet Wrapper That Goes Anywhere

The GW-4100 is the perfect solution for your specific load and speed needs. Use it with GaleWrap-oriented film to eliminate load failures and assure:

  • Better product protection and wrapping consistency
  • Less waste
  • Time and cost savings
  • Improved employee safety

Easy Does It

With its height-adjustable mast, the GW-4100 is easy to move throughout your warehouse.

Simple installation – the GW-4100 will be up and running in minutes.

Performance Features You Want

  • Telescoping mast—the GW-4100 goes anywhere in your warehouse—no height worries
  • Accommodates loads up to 7’ 6” high (91”)
  • Arm never needs maintenance
  • Built-in film cutter – ensures safety at completion of wrap cycle
  • Counter balance wheel – allows user to wrap any size pallet

Speed and Ease

  • Fast wrap pace
  • Handles up to 37 loads/hour
  • Completes a load of any shape, weight, and size in less than one minute
  • Efficient operation – wraps up to 300 pallets on a single charge
  • Incredibly flexible – 99 pre-set wrapping cycles and the possibility of programming an unlimited number of options
  • Self-propelled – easy to move to wherever needed

Trouble-Free Operation

  • Wrap-up/wrap-down cycle – fully automated
  • Independent top and bottom wrap-pattern selection – opt for 1-20 wraps
  • Automatic and manual pallet height control – assures greater flexibility
  • Simplified control-panel functions – including electromagnetic friction adjustable brake

Unprecedented Safety

  • Enhanced safety cutter – minimizes risk of injury
  • Push/pull mushroom emergency stop button – for operator protection
  • Safety contact edge – stops all power to the machine
  • Low voltage – reduces shock hazard

Electrical and Technical/Size Specifications

  • Driving voltage – 24V/DC
  • Built-in battery charger – 230 volt 50/60 Hz mono-phase
  • Minimum pallet dimensions for wrapping – 2’ x 2’
  • Standard pallet height for wrapping – up to 6’ 11”
  • Machine weight – 715 lbs

Flawless Film Delivery

  • Carriage is optimized for GaleWrap-oriented film
  • Tension adjusts electronically from the control panel
  • Loads and unloads easily – a simple process