Compuprint 9080

The Compuprint 9000 family is designed to meet the most demanding requirements of today’s applications while offering unmatched performance in Windows and graphic printing environments. The ideal solution for mission critical requirements, with the full flexibility to support a variety of forms and documents.

Compuprint 9080 offers an unbeatable print performance level thanks to improved electronic and mechanical solutions.

  • 660 PPH (page per hour)
  • 330 LPM (lines per minute)
  • 800 Million characters Print Head life


  • Long life 24 pins print-head technology
  • 800 cps at 10cpi up to 900 cps max speed
  • Superior performance in volume printing
  • Dual front straight paper paths
  • 8 copies capability
  • Simple to use, pre-set configurations
  • Wide range of barcodes and macro-characters
  • Parallel, Serial, USB 2.0 Interface
  • Parallel, Ethernet 10/100 Interface