Cobra Plus

Unmatched Flexibility

Thanks to the rotating arm technology, the pallet load does not move during the stretch wrapping process. Therefore, the Cobra Plus is ideal for wrapping loads that are unstable, light, very heavy or odd-shaped – whatever the product type. The Cobra Plus comes standard with an independent floor stand, but can also be mounted to a column or wall. This innovative design also comes standard with an adjustable wrapping arm that can easily be modified to accommodate larger loads at no additional cost and provides the versatility to adapt to future needs.

Extremely Efficient

The motorized power pre-stretch system with adjustable film tension control guarantees optimal film usage. Also, by providing variable film tension control throughout the wrap cycle, superior load containment can be achieved while eliminating film breaks and product damage. The patented film carriage ensures consistent performance and minimal film consumption.

Superior Functionality

Four individual wrap programs can be stored using the touch screen HMI for simple operation of the machine. The programs include eight functions which can be adjusted to meet the demands of the most challenging applications.


  • Overall Height
    118” (standard) - 132” or 146” (optional)
  • Max. Pallet Height
    88” (standard) - 102” or 116” (optional)
  • Maximum Pallet Diagonal
    71” or 86”
  • Equivalent Pallet Dimension
    50”x50” or 61”x61”

Technical Details

  • Rotation Speed Up to 12 RPM
  • Capacity Up to 35 pallets/hr
  • Weight 1,400 lbs
  • Voltage120 V - 1 phase - 60 Hz
  • Control PLC and touchscreen HMI
  • Film Width 20”
  • Max. film dia. 10”
  • Pre-stretch Level Up to 260%
  • Standard Mounting Floor Stand


  • Height Extension Upgrades
  • Column Mount Kit
  • Mechanical Roping Device