Savin Toner Cartridges

Savin offers the industry’s broadest and most connected line of digital imaging systems, from compact systems that deliver the power to print, copy, scan and fax right from your desktop to departmental digital color systems that enhance communications quality and boost productivity.

Savin technology is proven, reliable and award-winning. Savin’s solutions allow customers to focus on business, not on office technology. And, given today’s networked office environments, Savin is delivering true network connectivity NOW. In color or black and white, Savin is helping customers produce the highest quality hard copy communications faster and easier than ever before.

Product IDDescription
COM888340Compatible for Ricoh 888340 Type R1 Black Toner Cartridge (24K YLD) (Also for Savin 5460)
COM888341Compatible for Ricoh 888341 Type R1 Yellow Toner Cartridge (10K YLD) (Also Savin 5463)
COM888342Compatible for Ricoh 888342 Type R1 Magenta Toner Cartridge (10K YLD) (Also Savin 5462)
COM888343Compatible for Ricoh 888343 Type R1 Cyan Toner Cartridge (10K YLD) (Also Savin 5462)
402320Ricoh Genuine OEM 402320 Type 145 Color Drum Unit For Ricoh Gestetner and Savin (50K YLD)
820000Ricoh Genuine OEM 820000 Black Toner Cartridge (aka Savin 7830) (15K YLD)
841332Ricoh Genuine OEM 841332 Type 6110D Black Toner Cartridge (43K YLD) (AKA 885400/ Savin 9883)
888340Ricoh Genuine OEM 888340 Black Laser Toner Cartridge Type R1 (24K YLD) (aka Savin 5460)
888341Ricoh Genuine OEM 888341 Yellow Laser Toner Cartridge Type R1 (10K YLD) (aka Savin 5463)
888342Ricoh Genuine OEM 888342 Magenta Laser Toner Cartridge Type R1 (10K YLD) (aka Savin 5462)
888343Ricoh Genuine OEM 888343 Cyan Laser Toner Cartridge Type R1 (10K YLD) (aka Savin 5461)
402070Savin Genuine OEM 402070 (Type 140) Black Toner Cartridge (9.8K YLD)
402071Savin Genuine OEM 402071 (Type 140) Cyan Toner Cartridge (6.5K YLD)
402072Savin Genuine OEM 402072 (Type 140) Magenta Toner Cartridge (6.5K YLD)
402073Savin Genuine OEM 402073 (Type 140) Yellow Toner Cartridge (6.5K YLD)
430223Savin Genuine OEM 430223 Type 135 Black Toner Developer Drum Cartridge (AIO) (4.5K YLD)
7831Savin Genuine OEM 7831 Yellow Toner Cartridge (aka Ricoh 820008) (15K YLD)
7832Savin Genuine OEM 7832 Magenta Toner Cartridge (aka Ricoh 820016) (15K YLD)
820024Savin Genuine OEM 820024 Cyan Toner Cartridge (aka Savin 7833) (15K YLD)
841335Savin Genuine OEM 841335 (888370/ 5482) Type S1 Magenta Toner Cartridge (18K YLD)
841336Savin Genuine OEM 841336 (888369/ 5483) Type S1 Yellow Toner Cartridge (18K YLD)
9840Savin Genuine OEM 9840 Type 1180 Black Toner Cartridge (6K YLD)
9852Savin Genuine OEM 9852 Type 5570 Black Toner Bottle (172K YLD)
9856Savin Genuine OEM 9856 Type 2535 Black Toner Bottle (92K YLD)
9900Savin Genuine OEM 9900 Type P1 Black Toner Cartridge (19K YLD)
9901Savin Genuine OEM 9901 Type P1 Yellow Toner Cartridge (10K YLD)
9902Savin Genuine OEM 9902 Type P1 Magenta Toner Cartridge (10K YLD)
9903Savin Genuine OEM 9903 Type P1 Cyan Toner Cartridge (10K YLD)